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Wormcity Wormery 100 Litre

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Product Overview
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 Introducing the Wormcity Wormery made with recycled UV (ultraviolet) protected plastic. It has a large surface area - this allows you to add more food, in a thinner layer. Having food spread thinly over the top allows it to compost down faster, and keeps your worms happy and therefore more productive.

The great thing about this wormery is that you increase the size simply by adding extra trays.
This model contains 1x sump and 4x 25 litre composting trays.

The Wormcity Wormery comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee

Further Details
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Stacking wormeries are proven to be much easier to manage than 'dustbin' type wormeries. Not only are they more beneficial to the worms (increased air flow and surface area) but they are easier to manage and empty.

Basically each composting tray has small holes in the base, and as composting worms are surface dwellers, they continuously move upwards in search of new food. This means that the worms eat all the food and venture into the upper trays leaving the vermicompost (worm poo) behind. This compost can then be removed placed on your garden and the empty tray placed back on the top.


  • 4 x Composting tray each measuring 43cm x 43cm x 17cm deep. (25.2 Litres = 100.8 Litres)
  • 1 x Sump (for easy removal of the liquid) measuring 43cm x 43cm x 11cm high (9.8 Litres)
  • 1 x Sump Tray
  • 1 Base Unit
  • 1 Lid
  • 500g Mixed Composting Worms (approx) Our worms are a mixture of Dendrobeana (Eisenia Hortensis) and Red Tiger Worms (Eisenia andrei) - If you would prefer to receive a worm voucher instead of worms then please request when ordering
  • Coir block, makes 9 litres of ph neutral bedding
  • 250g Worm food (approx)
  • Tap
  • 2 x Bolt & Wing Nuts
  • Instructions

This wormery is made from toughened plastic. It won't break, shatter or go brittle. The manufacturer's are so sure of its quality that they offer a 5 year warranty against breakage.

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Wormcity Wormery 100 LitreWormcity Wormery 100 Litre
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