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Twin Bokashi Kitchen Composter Bucket & Bran

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What if you could buy a product that is incredibly easy to use, and can be used to compost ALL your kitchen scraps (including meat, bones, dairy products and cooked food) into a fabulous soil conditioner ?

Well the Bokashi Bucket can do just that.......

Bokashi (Japanese for "fermented organic matter") was invented way back in the 1990s and is still relatively new in this country, it is an extremely easy system to use, and unlike a wormery a Bokashi bucket can take everything from your kitchen.

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Bokashi is a mixture of Bran, Molasses and a special ingredient called Effective Microbes (Ems). Ems are a mixture of bacteria and fungi which when mixed with the other ingredients and scattered over your food waste, will ferment it down, into an excellent soil conditioner. This can then be fed to worms, put into a compost bin, or simply buried in the garden.

The Bokashi Bucket is very easy to use,

  • Place some bokashi bran on the strainer
  • Add your kitchen waste (cut into small chunks)
  • Sprinkle a handful of bokashi bran over the top of the waste.
  • Press the food down with a potato masher to expel any air
  • Replace the lid.
  • Continue until full, alternating between a layer of food, then Bokashi Bran
  • Draw off any liquid that has accumulated in the sump (dilute 1:100 and use as a plant food)
  • Leave the bucket to ferment for around 2 weeks
  • When ready the fermented contents will have a sweet and sour smell, and can then be placed in a wormery, on a compost bin, or dug straight into the garden.
  • The Bokashi will then compost down and make fabulous feed for your garden plant


  • 2 x Easy clean – air tight white 15 litre buckets
  • 2 x Tap with back nut
  • 2 x White plastic strainer
  • 1 kg Bokashi Bran Instructions

Dimensions: Height - 265mm, Diameter - 323mm (top) 288mm (base)

Our Bokashi Buckets, Taps, Strainer and Bran are all made and manufactured in the United Kingdom and will not look out of place in your kitchen.

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Twin Bokashi Kitchen Composter Bucket & BranTwin Bokashi Kitchen Composter Bucket & Bran
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