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Pure Pulse Eco Shower Head

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Product Overview
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  • Pulse Eco Showers operate by emitting an undetectable pulse 30-40 times per second, maximising the pleasurable effect of showering while reducing water consumption by 40-60%.

  • Whereas other eco shower heads function by cutting water pressure or introducing air into the flow,  a Pulse Eco Shower achieves the strong pressure, comfort and temperature of a traditional shower with a fraction of the water and energy.

  • What’s more, the measures taken to achieve these effects have created extra benefits which are unique to Pulse Eco Showers. By removing the spray plate, our engineers have dramatically reduced the internal surface area where deposits and minerals build up, guaranteeing a more hygienic shower and no limescale clogging for life (Questor Research Centre).

Further Details
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Who would benefit from a Pulse Eco Shower?

Anyone who wants to reduce their water and energy consumption (and therefore bills) but still wants the luxury of a great shower would benefit. Thanks to our lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging, our showers are hygienic and easy to maintain. That’s why you’ll find our shower heads everywhere from 5 star accommodation and hospitals to family bathrooms. 

How does it work?

Pulse Eco Showers work by emitting a pulse in the water flow 30-40 times every second. This cuts down on the amount of energy and water you use without reducing the comfort, strong pressure or temperature of the shower. For more information, see How it Works. 

Will I feel the pulse when I am in the shower?

No, unlike aerated shower heads, the unique design of Pulse Eco Showers means water consumption is reduced without sacrificing comfort.

Will a Pulse Eco Shower head work with my shower?

Pulse Eco Showers are suitable for most shower systems, including electric showers. Only systems with very low pressure will not reach the required level of 0.5bar.

Is the shower head easy to fit and maintain?

Yes, very easy. Simply unscrew your existing shower head and replace it. All hoses will suit Pulse Eco Showers. 

Maintaining your Pulse Eco Shower is much easier than keeping traditional shower heads or eco shower heads clean. With no spray plate, you will not have to take the shower head apart to remove unsightly and unhygienic limescale clogging – it quite simply won’t be there. For further details on our lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging, see How It Works. 

How are Pulse Eco Showers different from other shower heads and eco shower heads?

Pulse Eco Showers are unique in that they have no spray plate. This means that they are more efficient, more hygienic (having dramatically reduced the area where bacteria can flourish), easy to maintain and come with a lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging.

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Pure Pulse Eco Shower Head Pure Pulse Eco Shower Head
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